DL-4-Chlorophenylglycine 6212-33-5

  • Product: DL-4-Chlorophenylglycine
  • CAS No: 6212-33-5
  • Market: Global

Product Detail

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Key parameters

Appearance: white to offwhite powder

Purity: 98.0%min

Water: 0.2%max

Sulfate: 1000mg/kg max




☑ It is an important raw material and intermediate used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and dyestuff.
☑ It is a raw material for the synthesis of insecticide chlorfenapyr.

Packing & Delivery

500kg/Bag, 18mt/FCL
Not dangerous goods


Our advantage

☑ More than 30 years production experience;
☑ Registered material under EU-REACH regulations;
☑ Product approved by multinationals in several industry;
☑ Just-in-time Delivery:1 week lead time.
☑ We have complete quality management system, not limited to sampling, method of analysis, sample retainment, Standard operation process;
☑ Freemen ensures the consisitency of quality, the strict process of management of changes is followed, including process and equipment, raw material supplies, packing;
☑ The sample could arrive in your hands within 20 days for international customers;
☑ The minimum order quantity is based on one package;
☑ We will feedback to your enquires within 24hours, Dedicated technical team will follow up and ready to give solutions if you have any request;

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