New Materials

  • Poly(Ether Ketone Ketone)

    Poly(Ether Ketone Ketone)

    PEKK provides a unique combination of properties over a very wide range of temperature period.This polymer family has exceptional advantages for processing and expands the application possibilities. High temperature resistance - Highest Tg of PAEK - Tm range 305 – 358°C High tensile and compression strength/high stiffness High chemical resistance in harsh conditions Excellent fire properties - Low smoke and toxicity - Inherently flame retardant High purity, very low extractibles Process...
  • N,N’-Methanediylidenebis(2,6-diisopropylaniline) (CDI)

    N,N’-Methanediylidenebis(2,6-diisopropylaniline) (CDI)

    Key Parameters:

    Appearance: white Powder
    Purity(HPLC): 98.0%min

    Particle size: <15um:90min


    Packing &Delivery:

    25kg/ drum, 8mt/FCL
    UN No.2811, Class:6.1, Packing group: III

  • Amines, C10-C14-tert-alkyl

    Amines, C10-C14-tert-alkyl

    Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid Total Amine Value(mg KOH/g): 280-303 Water: 0.3%max Specific Gravity at 25/15.6 oC : 0.800-0.820 Color (Gardner):2max Neutralization Equivalent (g/mol): 185-200 160kg/steel drum, 15Mt/ISO tank UN No.2922, Class:8, Packing group:III ☑ It can be used as solubilizing modifier and extreme pressure antiwear agent of non oil soluble antiwear agent due to its excellent oil solubility; ☑ It can be used as an effective additive to improve the storage s...
  • Fluorobenzene


    ☑ It used across industry, pharmaceutical, electronical; ☑ The product is mainly used for the preparation of the main raw materials of the antipsychotic drugs, such as fluguabutanol, daloglabenzene, trihaloperidol, trifluoroperidobenzene, pentafluorolidol, quinolones ciprofloxacin, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for the identification of pesticides, egg killers, plastics and resin polymers. The condensation of fluorobenzene with γ – chlorobutyryl chloride can produce γ ̵...
  • 4-Chloromethyl styrene (4-Vinylbenzyl chloride)

    4-Chloromethyl styrene (4-Vinylbenzyl chloride)

    Apperance  light yellow to colorless liquid Single bromine compound  1.0%max Purity (GC)  97%min (all isomers) Other single impurity  2%max 150kg/ drum, 18mt/ISO tank UN No.3265, Class:8, Packing group:II ☑ VBC can be used to create polyelectro-lytes with properties applicable to latex electrodeposition on metals. Other VBC-based polymers include polymeric surfactants, flocculating agents, phase transfer catalysts, electron carriers and viologens, ion exchange resins, and poly...

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