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  • Product: Acetonitrile
  • 141-300x300
  • Market: Europe/ India

Key parameters

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Purity: 99.9%min

Water: 0.03%max

Color (Pt-Co): 10 max

Hydrocyanic Acid(mg/kg):10max

Ammonia (mg/kg):6max

Acetone (mg/kg): 25max

Acrylonitrile (mg/kg): 25max

Propionitrile (mg/kg): 500max

Fe(mg/kg): 0.50max

Cu (mg/kg): 0.05max

Packing & Delivery

150kg/drum, 12Mt/FCL or 20mt/FCL
UN No.1648, Class:3, Packing group:II



☑Chemical analysis and instrumental analysis. Acetonitrile is an organic modifier and solvent for thin layer chromatography, paper chromatography, spectroscopic and polarographic analysis in recent years. Since high purity acetonitrile does not absorb ultraviolet light in the range of 200nm to 400nm, it is being developed as a solvent for high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with a sensitivity of 10-9.
☑Solvent for hydrocarbon extraction and separation.Acetonitrile is a widely used solvent, which is mainly used in extractive distillation to separate butadiene from C4 hydrocarbons. Acetonitrile is also used for the separation of other hydrocarbons, such as the separation of propylene, isoprene and methylacetylene from hydrocarbon fractions. Acetonitrile is also used for some special separation, such as the extraction of fatty acids from vegetable oil and cod liver oil, so that the treated oil is light, pure, and the smell is improved, while the vitamin content remains unchanged. Acetonitrile is also widely used as solvent in medicine, pesticide, textile and plastic departments.
☑ Intermediate of synthetic medicine and pesticide.Acetonitrile can be used to synthesize intermediates of many medicines and pesticides. In medicine, it is used to synthesize a series of important pharmaceutical intermediates such as vitamin B1, metronidazole, ethambutol, aminopteridine, adenine and diphenyl cough; in pesticides, it is used to synthesize pyrethroid insecticides, ethoxycarb and other pesticide intermediates.
☑Semiconductor cleaner. Acetonitrile is an organic solvent with strong polarity. It has good solubility for grease, inorganic salt, organic matter and high molecular compound. It can clean grease, wax, fingerprint, corrosive agent and flux residue on silicon wafer. Therefore, high purity acetonitrile can be used as semiconductor cleaning agent. ☑Other applications: In addition to the above applications, acetonitrile can also be used as raw material for organic synthesis, catalyst or component of transition metal complex catalyst. In addition, acetonitrile is also used in fabric dyeing and coating compound, and it is also an effective stabilizer of chlorinated solvent

Our advantage

☑ State-owned company with more than 30 years experience;
☑ High HSE standard factory;
☑ Product approved by Pharmaceutical multinationals in Europe;
☑ Electronic grade is available
☑ We have complete quality management system, not limited to sampling, method of analysis, sample retainment, Standard operation process;
☑ Freemen ensures the consisitency of quality, the strict process of management of changes is followed, including process and equipment, raw material supplies, packing;
☑ The sample could arrive in your hands within 20 days for international customers;
☑ The minimum order quantity is based on one package;
☑ We will feedback to your enquires within 24hours, Dedicated technical team will follow up and ready to give solutions if you have any request;

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