Fluorobenzene 462-06-6

  • Product: Fluorobenzene
  • CAS No: 462-06-6
  • Market: Global

Product Detail

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Key parameters

Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Purity (GC): 99.9%min

Water: 0.03%max

Benzene: 0.015%max

Chlorobenzene: 0.015%max

Phenol: 0.05%max

2,2-difluorobiphenyl: 0.02%max


Packing & Delivery

200kg/drum, 16Mt/FCL, 22mt/ISO tank
UN No.2387, Class:3, Packing group:II

MSDS-200kg/drum-122mt/ISO tank-CAS-462-06-6-Shanghai-Freemen-Chemicals-Co.-Ltd.-www.sfchemicals.com


☑ It used across industry, pharmaceutical, electronical;
☑ The product is mainly used for the preparation of the main raw materials of the antipsychotic drugs, such as fluguabutanol, daloglabenzene, trihaloperidol, trifluoroperidobenzene, pentafluorolidol, quinolones ciprofloxacin, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for the identification of pesticides, egg killers, plastics and resin polymers. The condensation of fluorobenzene with γ - chlorobutyryl chloride can produce γ - chloro-p-fluorophenone, which is used to synthesize haloperidol and is the most commonly used drug in butyrylbenzene antipsychotics.
☑ In electronic industry, It is used for batteries with special packing,moisture strictly controlled;Fluorobenzene can not only enhance the interaction between Li + and DME, but also inhibit the decomposition of DME to a certain extent; Moreover, fluorobenzene can be reduced on the surface of lithium anode to form LIF, which can obtain a dense interface protection layer faster. Based on this bifunctional characteristic, the high concentration electrolyte diluted with fluorobenzene can not only significantly improve the stability and coulomb efficiency of lithium anode (the average coulomb efficiency is 99.3% when the stability cycle is more than 500 cycles), but also can be used in a series of practical full battery test conditions (including high surface capacity, low temperature environment, high current density, Excellent cycling performance was obtained with low electrolyte content and ultra-thin lithium anode;
☑ High purity nonaqueous fluorobenzene has been successfully used in the electrolyte of lithium-ion batteries. Compared with the common electrolyte containing carbonate, the performance of lithium-ion batteries can be improved by adding a large amount of fluorobenzene, which has obvious advantages in terms of low-temperature performance, battery life and high-temperature discharge capacity. Fluorobenzene may bring water in the process of production, transportation and storage. If the water content is too high, it will affect the water content of lithium-ion battery electrolyte. Too high water content has a certain impact on the electrochemical performance of the battery. Generally, the water content in the electrolyte is strictly controlled;

Our advantage

☑ Product approved by pharmaceutical companies;
☑ The product has been approved by Japanese customers for electronic use. We have the technology to get rid of moisture in terms of production, packing and transportation, to ensure the quality;
☑ Just-in-time Delivery:1 week from Shanghai warehouse;
☑ the plant is close to HF source, thus to reduce the cost and ensure the production continuity;
☑ We have complete quality management system, not limited to sampling, method of analysis, sample retainment, Standard operation process;
☑ Freemen ensures the consisitency of quality, the strict process of management of changes is followed, including process and equipment, raw material supplies, packing;
☑ The sample could arrive in your hands within 20 days for international customers;
☑ The minimum order quantity is based on one package;
☑ We will feedback to your enquires within 24hours, Dedicated technical team will follow up and ready to give solutions if you have any request;

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